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Your car may not be new...




Get up to 100% financing

Your Dream Roll on Roll Off Car

Can be yours with the Right partner... 

Your car may not be new, but it is new to you.

Our Roll On, Roll Off/ Used Car Solution 

Our Offer: 

  • 100% financing
  • Vehicle must not be older than 4 years
  • Maximum loan amount is $120,000.00

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Loan Requirements...

1. Two valid picture National Identification* (Valid Driver's Permit, Passport or National Identification Card)

2. Job Letter – At least3-months old

3. Payslip – Most Recent

4. Proof of Address – Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement etc

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Call us at 800-JMMB (5662) 

Here's what else you will need

  • Salary Assignment or Salary Deduction to be obtained
  • You must be in a permanent position for a minimum of 2 years
  • Payslip no older than 1 month
  • BIR Letter (can be obtained after approval)
  • Commitment fee to be paid by you
  • Mortgage Bill of Sale to be paid by you
  • Fees will not be financed or reduced;
  • Savings (can be used for 2nd-year Insurance).

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Visit any of our four locations 

  • DSM Plaza, Old Southern Main Road, Chaguanas
  • 30-32 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna
  • 77 Independence Square South, Port of Spain
  • SouthPark, Tarouba Link Road, San Fernando

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