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Commercial Mortgage

Owning commercial property can really pay off! With the right amount of research and preparation, purchasing commercial real estate can be a strong investment and provide a solid foundation for any business to grow and scale their operations.

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Bridge Loan

The Bridge Loan is a short term loan which is given to assist with the financing of the construction of a property.

  • The Bridge Loan is drawn down in tranches based on the Quantity Surveyor’s report which details the cost of completed construction work.
  • Interest-only payments are made during the term of the loan.
  • The Bridge Loan may be repaid from the sale of the property or converted to a Mortgage Loan.

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Working Capital Financing

Businesses can secure an Overdraft Facility which is attached to their banking account to assist with Working Capital Requirements.

  • Working Capital is financing of receivables and payables as well as daily financing requirements.
  • The overdraft revolves and is repaid on receipt of outstanding receivables and other inflows.
  • Tenor of overdraft is usually for 12 months with interest payable monthly

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Revolving Line of Credit

With a revolving line of credit, we offer a certain amount of always available credit to an individual or corporation for a pre-determined amount of time. E.g $2M for 2 years

  •  The loan is disbursed in smaller amounts and for different tenors – 3, 6 or 12 months
  •  Interest payments can be made monthly, quarterly or semiannually and the principal is repaid at maturity or in line with the cash flows of contracts before the loan is then drawn down again.
  •  The short term loan also assists businesses with project and working capital requirements. The business must provide evidence of the projects, contracts or invoices it wishes to finance via this method.

As soon as the debt is repaid, the user can borrow up to the credit limit again without going through another loan approval process.

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Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring is a financing solution initiated by a Company in order to help its suppliers to finance their receivables, due from the Company, more easily and at a lower interest rate than what would normally be offered.

  • The Company is the client of the Financial Institution, the Supplier does not have to be a client of the Financial Institution

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Term Loans

Term Loans assist companies with debt consolidation and the purchase of fixed assets, machinery and equipment.


Term loans are granted for a specific period of time with a fixed amortized repayment schedule.

Rate of interest may be fixed or floating.

Bills Discounting

The Client sells its Receivables to JMMB Bank at a discounted

An amount equivalent to the value of the invoice less relevant fees and interest charges as agreed between the Client and JMMB Bank is paid to the Client.

Helps the client have a smooth cash flow.

Trade Finance

A Letter of Credit is a letter issued by JMMB Bank on behalf of its
client (the buyer) to another Bank (in a foreign country, acting on
behalf of the seller) guaranteeing payment for goods or services
provided by the seller.

The Letter of Credit also details the terms and conditions to be
satisfied prior to payment.

The Letter of Credit must be fully cash secured


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