Fees and Charges



1% of the committed value, a minimum of % TT$300.00



Acceptance commitment Fee

1.5% of the loan value minimum, $TT300.00

Late Payment

2% of the delinquent amount, with a minimum of TT$50.00


Credit Report for a business facility

$TT150.00 per company an $TT150.00 per director


Early settlement fee for a commercial mortgage

3 months interest


Auditors Report



Wire Transfer

Outgoing - $TT65.00

Incoming - $TT20.00



Outgoing - $TT65.00

Incoming - Free





Salary processing (manual)

$TT8.00 per salary. A minimum of $TT200.00

Payment against TT dollars, uncleared effects

15% per annum of the value for 4 days. The minimum of which is $TT26.00


Night Bag Fee

$TT3.00 per bag


Cheque Books


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