Banking Fees and Charges

Payment Services

Account / Transaction

Fee - $

TTD Managers Cheques


Foreign Currency Drafts


Stop Payment on Cheques


Stop Payment on Managers Drafts


Stop payment on foreign currency drafts


Standing Orders


Incoming Wire Transfer


Outgoing Wire Transfer


Reserve Transfer /Transach over $500K


Transach - One time setup fee


Transach - Returned items fee


Transach - Transaction fee per credit

$1.50 -$2.00

Transach - Transaction fee per debit


Transach - Direct debit


Transach - Direct debit returns


Salary processing for corporates (Manual)

$8.00 per salary, min $200.00

Over the counter transfers (per transfer fee)


Charges on Accounts

Account / Transaction

Fee - $

Dormant accounts

$50.00 annually

Payment against TTD$ uncleared effects

15% pa of value for 4 days/Min$26.00

Payment against foreign currency uncleared effects

15% pa of value for 1 month/Min USD$51.00

Paid cheques on unauthorized overdraft


In-branch transfer between own accounts


Prochequing Account - Service Fee


Prochequing Account - Cheque Debit fee


Prochequing Account - Cheque Book Orders

Initial cheque books free, $25.00 per book thereafter

Prochequing Account - Cheque Book Orders Initial cheque books free, $25.00 per book thereafter

Current Account - Service Fee

$75.00 per month

Current Account - Cheque Debit Fee

$1.00 per entry

Current Account - Cheque Book Orders

$30.00 per book

USD cheque deposit (Drawn on Citibank)

TT$200.00 (Courier cost) US$100.00 (Clearing cost) 

Cost of cash deposit

0.15% for deposit >$100k

Night depository bags

$3.00 per bag

Loan placement fees

1.5% loan proceeds, minimum $300.00

Hold mail

$675 yearly/ prorated 

Returned items (insufficient funds)


Charge back items Foreign Exchange


Cards Services

Visa Classic Annual Membership


Visa Gold Annual Membership


Replacement Visa Gold


Replacement Visa Classic


Withdrawal - International ATM

USD$5.00* (Not currently allowed)

Linx Withdrawal - JMMB ATM


Linx Withdrawal - Other Bank's ABM


Linx Declined Transaction -


Linx Declined Transaction - Other Bank's ATM


Approved Balance Enquiry


Approved Balance Enquiry - Other Bank


Declined Balance Enquiry


ABM Declined


Visa Debit Withdrawal - JMMB ATM


Visa Debit Withdrawal - Other Bank's ATM


Visa Debit Declined Transaction




POS Declined


POS Balance Enquiry


Letters/ Misc Enquires

Certificate of Balance


Embassy Statements


Certificate of Interest paid /earned current year


Certificate of Interest paid /earned previous year


Auditors reports

TTD$100.00 per year

Attorneys Request for Estate information


Voucher Search/copy request current year


Voucher Search/copy request over 1 year


Transaction listing

$10 per page

Cost of Photocopies

$3.00 per page

Note: Internet banking-related transactions attract the same charges as those listed above.

Outgoing transfers are also subject to the intermediary Bank’s charge

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