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Our Promise...
  •  To provide consumer financing that surpasses current market offerings in terms of speed of response, competitive pricing and financial inclusion.
  • To create an easy, enjoyable and empowering experience for all clients underserved by the traditional financial market.
  • We will ultimately help you, our valued client, to meet your needs and improve the quality of your lives.


We believe in the greatness within all and our vision is to facilitate financial inclusion where financial empowerment is experienced by all and not just a subset of society.  


                                                                                            Joan Isabelle Duncan 


In your world...

At JMMB Express Finance we are able to provide you with same day approval for loans up to $40,000.00. 

We understand that life happens.

  • Travel
  • Insurance Payments 
  • Home Repairs
  • Car Troubles
  • Wedding Plans
  • Medical/Emergency Bills
  • Education/ School Books

You name it...

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 Getting a loan has never been easier. 

 It is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Complete the online application here

  2. Upload your documents

  3. Come in and collect your cheque, once you have been approved. 


Complete your application here...

Here's what you will need after you have applied: 


1. One Valid picture National Identification* (See the Identification requirements below) 

2. Job Letter – At least 6 months

3. Payslip – Most Recent

4. Proof of Address – Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement etc


Get pre-approved today! 

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  Come into our branches 

  •       86 Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas
    • 130 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain 
    • 65 Cipero Street, San Fernando 
    • 6 Prince Street, Arima 
    • 4 Knott Court, Scarbrough, Tobago 


  Leave us your information and we will give you a call today at 229-5662!

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Identification Requirements

  • Valid Driver’s Permit

  • Valid Passport

  • Valid National Identification Card

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