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Opening a business account with us

We’re happy to have you on board!

Interested in opening a business account with JMMBTT?

We’re happy to have you on board.


  • Last Audited Financials OR
  • Cash flow projections for companies operating under three years OR Bank statements for companies operating under 12 months
  • Three Months Bank Statements
  • Letter of reference from previous bankers
  • One Utility Bill to verify Mailing Address
  • One form of National Identification for Directors, Secretary and Signatories Statutory Documents
  • Form 3 - Certificate of Incorporation
  • Form 4 - Notice of Address of Registered Office
  • Form 8 - Notice of Directors or Change of Directors
  • Form 27 - Notice of Secretary or Change of Secretary
  • Form 28 - Annual Return of Company
  • Company By-Laws


For Companies registered after 1995

  • Form 1 – Articles of Incorporation
  • Form 31 – Declaration of Compliance

For Companies registered before 1995

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form 16 – Articles of Continuance
  • Form 18 – Certificate of Continuance

Account Opening Documents: 



I want to join JMMBTT today


Are you a sole trader?


  • 1 valid forms of National Identification

  • One Utility Bill/Business Address and Home Address

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Bank Statements for last three (3) months

  • Last Audited Financials/Management accounts for the last 3 years                       I want to join JMMBTT today

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