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All you need to do is come in to complete our application forms, and remember to bring the following:

  • One (1) form of  National Identification (1)Passport; 2)National ID or; 3)Driver’s Permit (to be accepted as the only form of ID if accompanied by a Birth Certificate)

  • Proof of address (Utility bill, bank statement) Not older than six (6) months 

  • Proof of employment (job letter or a recent payslip), if self-employed, 6 months’ worth of bank statements to show deposits.

    If retired, NIS Slip, Pension Statement or bank statements showing the Pension

  • Foreign Clients- for persons residing outside of Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to all requirements stated above
    must also provide a Bank Reference. (Where the bank reference cannot be obtained, copies or originals of the client’s bank statements (for the last six (6) months) from its foreign bank is required)

  • A cheque for at least TT$2,500

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Account Opening Requirements for companies: 


  •  Audited Financial Statements- for the last 3 financial years or management accounts for self-employed persons and businesses which have been in operation for more than three years or three-year estimates of income for self-employed persons and businesses which have been in operation for less than three years. (For self-employed persons-six months, bank statement may be requested.)
  • Annual Return - Most current
  • Directors and other Officers of a Company - One (1) form of picture identification (which indicates nationality) should be obtained for all Directors, Company’s Secretary, Beneficial Owners, Partners, Owners and Authorized Signatories.
  • Letter on the company letterhead stating the authorized signatories for the account with specimen signatures and a List of all Directors.
  • Board Resolution for investment as evidence of the authority to enter into the business relationship and authorizing the account signatories.
  •  Articles of Incorporation.
  •  Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of continuance.
  • Notice of Address of Registered Office.
  •  Notice of Change of Directors (where applicable).
  • Articles of Continuance (applicable, only if Companies incorporated before April 1997).
  • Certificate of Continuance (applicable only if Companies incorporated before April 1997).
  •  Notice of Secretary.
  • By-Laws - (applicable to Companies incorporated after April 1997)-where applicable-if there are no Bylaws, indicate same on the certificate to be signed by the President/Director and Secretary of the Company.
  •  Identify and verify persons (Beneficial Owners) - with a substantial interest (10% or more) in the issued and outstanding share capital of the customer in order to understand the customer’s ownership and control structure (One (1) form of identification to be provided).
  •  Company Stamp.


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