Introducing JMMB Student Support Initiative

Empowering Students for Success

JMMB Bank is an advocate for continuous educational improvement for students, and we are thrilled to introduce our initiative called "SUPPORT STUDENTS."

We are committed to sponsoring four (4) pupils throughout their secondary school journey from forms one (1) to five (5). We recognize that economic challenges may hinder children from accessing core educational benefits, and we wish to support parents facing such difficulties.

This program is tailored to assist SEA students transitioning to secondary school. To qualify, students must come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, demonstrate hard work with a Grade ‘B’ average, and exhibit a positive attitude towards learning.

Our Plan:

  • JMMB Bank will reach out to principals and teachers of SEA Standard 5 classes within our branch locations – Chaguanas, San Fernando, Tunapuna, and Port of Spain – to recommend deserving students. 
  • Recommendations will be based on set criteria, including a recommendation from both Principal and Teacher, parents' contact information, the student's address, a copy of the SEA grade slip, and a Means Test.
  • A form will be provided online to these schools to fill in and share with us. 
  • The four selected students will receive comprehensive support, including one laptop, a book grant, a uniform grant, a shoe allowance, a grocery allowance, and the opening of a savings account with a $500 deposit.

Our Goal:

We believe this initiative will foster an educational environment that nurtures excellence, equality, and innovation.
By investing in our students' education, we can pave the way for a brighter future for both them and the nation as a whole.

Our Next Steps:

JMMB Bank wants to further support schools by launching this initiative by hosting Financial Literacy programs in these schools.
We view this as a vital investment in our younger demographic, empowering students to make informed financial decisions for future success and generational wealth.
This program would mean we provide a JMMB team to visit the school to share financial educational information plus sign-up sheets for parents/students and teachers alike that wish to open a bank account.
We are very aware that there is a portion of our population that is under banked at this time, and we wish to change this pattern.
Our aim is to kick off this initiative in April until the school term ends in June. 


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