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JMMB International Access

Build wealth today for future generations

Ensure a legacy for your children (and your children’s children) with JMMB International Access. This is our comprehensive international brokerage platform, allowing you to maximize your opportunities, anywhere, anytime. And with added perks, like the ability to access the advice of an expert partner and consult international research, you’ll be well on your way to building that legacy.


  • Access all account information online, 24-hours a day
  •  Assets are safely-custodied in the United States by FINRA regulated Interactive Brokers, member of the US Securities Investor Protection Corporation.
  •  Low trading costs with no custody fees
  • Access and interact with global markets, including direct online trading
  • Link to your international bank account for 1-day transfers
  • Send wires and transfers in most major currencies, to accounts all over the world
  • View comprehensive investment performance reporting
  •  Access online, on-demand learning tools, including webinars, Trader’s Insight, and investment training 
  • No minimum amount. 

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