fbpx Board of Directors: Carolyn DaCosta | JMMB Group Jamaica

Carolyn DaCosta - Company Secretary

“We are always sensitive to the fact that, in enabling good corporate governance, we must balance the best interests of all our stakeholders.”


Carolyn has provided the JMMBTT Group with two decades of stellar service, beginning her stint in 1995 as a Branch Supervisor.

She has held several senior positions including Branch Manager for JMMBTT's flagship location, Settlement Manager, Technical Operations and Compliance Manager. She has operated in the role of Group Company Secretary since 2008. In this capacity, she has overarching responsibility for ensuring that the organization complies with standard financial and legal practices and maintains the defined standards of corporate governance. As such, she oversees the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the Group's compliance and regulatory framework.

In keeping with JMMBTT's commitment to effective corporate governance, she ensures the compliance of all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as the management of the internal audit process, monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action.

Carolyn's professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, A Bachelor of Arts from the University of the West Indies, and an MBA in Finance from the Manchester Business School. Additionally, she is a Fellow Member of the International Compliance Association and a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Catherine.

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